Happy 2023!

When I was a child, we did only celebrate Three Magi Kings holiday talking about presents.

Three Magi Kings dancing

I was always super excited about that special night. I remember trying really hard to sleep early that day.

Super cute little girl thinking about Three Wise Men the night before the Epiphany
Excited boy thinking about Three Wise Men presents

What is an Illustration

When people ask me about my job, I tell them I’m an illustrator and they don’t seem to know what I am talking about. Nobody realizes that we are surrounded of illustrations everywhere.

We can say men started drawing before writing. The prehistoric people draw their everyday on caves! But since 19th century all changed with the halftone printing process. It made easier to reproduce images.

An illustration is a drawing that represents a concept on a book, newspaper, etc. It sometimes used to decorate or clarify a text. And also an example of the story you are telling. Sometimes it can be a drawing, a diagram or a design.

Imagine you are writing something about Women’s Month (right now on March) you can add to your article this wonderful and empowered Super Woman

Beautiful Super Woman with blank slogan on chest to customize for your needs.

I work with several styles but if you are searching for an illustrator, please be sure to do the research of finding the one that have the style of drawing you like. Hire an illustrator for their work. If not, you will not like the results.