Easter Chocolate Eggs

I want to make a parenthesis on my Maternity posts to talk to you about one of my favorite traditions: Easter Mona. Here in Catalonia we call it “La Mona de Pascua”

It’s a normal cake, sometimes with custard sometimes not, and a big chocolate egg with some fluffy chicken and colorful feathers.

“Mona de pascua” traditional holiday dessert. Easter cake eaten in Spain

Is not celebrated in all Spain. The tradition is found on Murcia, Valencia, Catalonia, Aragon and Castilla la Mancha.

Lately, a little toy is added to the cake. I always add an animal for my kids. This year I will be adding a two unicorns. One for my boy and other for my little girl who loves horse.

Little bunny figure holding Easter chocolate egg
Mother preparing Easter Mona for her kids

Did you know…

Saint Valentine’s day was first celebrated as a Western Christian day and not a romantic one with exchange of presents. Some countries have their own cultural traditions.

It was on the 19th century when it became a love tradition by making handwritting notes with greeting cards.

In the 19th century a British chocolate company made heart shaped chocolates part of the tradition: