Why I’m not Getting Pregnant

If you are not getting pregnant, you could be worrying that you never will. However, there are many possible reasons why you aren’t conceiving, including ovulation irregularities, structural problems in the reproductive system, low sperm count, underlying medical problems, or simply not trying enough.

Young couple having fertility problems

If you’re having difficulty getting pregnant, know that there is help available. The best way you can know if you have fertility issues is to consult an obstetrician. The doctor can evaluate you for fertility problems and treatment.

Couples sometimes delay testing their fertility because they are in perfect health. But many people who have infertility issues do not have outward signs or symptoms of a fertility problem.

Obstetrician consulting with patients. Asking for help concept

We are pregnant

Happy young woman with positive pregnancy test. Fertility concept.

Congratulations! You made it!

When you first notice that you are pregnant, a positive emotion runs through all your body. You finally did it!

Now you have to be prepared for a lot of physical and emotional changes. But a good advice for you and your baby’s health is starting to take acid folic.

Young pregnant mother holding folic acid bottle medicine supplement for baby growth brain

You can also eat 5 super rich foods that will help you on your new journey

  1. Legumes
  2. Asparagus
  3. Eggs
  4. Nuts and seeds
  5. Avocado

Adding a New Style

We recently added a new flat style to our catalog. We wanted to add something trendy and flat with a little of line. It reminds us to our childhood when we saw American cartoons from the 60s – 80s like Snoopy or Hannah Barbera tv shows.

Four different babies from different ethnicities wearing funny warm wool hats.

We absolutely guarantee you it’s made with love.

Made with love seal of approval

Chocking Details

When I did this vector illustration I could not imagine how much resemblance it will have with our actual baby. The situation is funny because the woman it looks a lot to me and the man looks almost exactly as my husband.

Maybe I can predict the future!

P.D: Our baby never liked pacifiers. Maybe that’s the fiction part of this drawing.

Lovely happy parents holding baby boy with heart on background