Some More Pregnancy Advice

It’s very important to know about your Uterus health before getting pregnant. But I will talk about it on later posts.

Please, do always get advice of your Obstetrician. Mine always were very kind and empathic with all the pregnancy process and explained all my questions.

Female obstetrician holding Uterus drawing

Before pregnancy and three months after its recommended to take acid folic. You can find it on eggs and meat too.

Deficiency of folate in pregnant women has been implicated in neural tube defects (NTDs), with an estimate of 300,000 cases worldwide prior to the implementation in many countries of mandatory food fortification

Pregnant woman holding medicine pills

You will have a lot of questions during your pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes, Infections, Preeclampsia, Preterm Labor, Depression & Anxiety, Miscarriage, High Blood Pressure.

Don’t worry. Your obstetrician will check on these things to help you on your journey